Batman & Rue Middle aged men

Middle aged, toothless but still full of attitude. What more could you want out of a bonded pair

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Over two years ago we rescued these two boys and they have been in long term foster throughout the entire pandemic. 

At our old location they absolutely hated the lifestyle but in foster with excellent one on one attention they are now thriving and we finally feel confident we have them in a place that we can find them a home and that step to be a positive one for them. 

Please read this bio written up by their long term foster momma, who has been incredible and such an important part in helping these boys become adoptable. 

Batman & Rue won’t be moving to Catsbury but if you would like to meet them, please fill out an application & we’ll set up a special meeting just for you. Let’s find these special boys a home! 

Meet the duo of Batman and Rue, also known as B-man and Kanaga”Ruey”. These brothers didn’t have the easiest start, and I always wish they could talk to tell us what actually happened. No matter the bad things life has thrown at these boys they are still the epitome of happy go lucky. These middle aged boys cannot be separated, they should just be one cat honestly because they are never more than an arms length away from each other. And if they wander away from each other you can hear their chirps looking for the other. Rue should earn best brother award for sticking by Batman through everything, when Batman first came to Catsbury he required a full dental leaving him toothless and thriving! He also has some 💩 issues which are easily managed by meds and a specific food, which both boys enjoy, and that’s it! These boys always greet you in the morning with chirps and tons of news to tell! They may take some time to warm up, but I mean who can blame them after all they’ve been through, once they are comfortable you’d be surprised at just how adventurous these boys can be! They’ve met all different people, cats/kittens, and dogs/puppies here in fosterland and as long as they have a place to retreat to when they start to get overwhelmed they are always down to try meeting new friends! I honestly can’t believe these boys are still available, they are perfect and everyone who meets them falls in love, could you possibly be their perfect forever home?

AGE: Middle Aged Men