Lincoln, Lottie & Lettie 6mo (1x male, 2 x female)

A trio of special kittens that are looking for a lifetime of love in a home together

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In the very beginning of 2022 we received a call for help for three kittens that were found in an alleyway in Union City, NJ. We headed over as fast as we could to scoop them up and when we arrived we soon discovered that they were a special trio of kittens.

Lincoln has 2 noses, both of which are not formed correctly and barely functional. While with us he has undergone a CT scan and his surgeon says he is a one of a kind kitty. Not only does he have issues with his external noses the inner workings would need extensive repair for there to be any improvement to his ability to breathe better. This procedure has to our knowledge not been done on a cat before, therefore there are no guarantees it will work, in fact there is a chance it could make it worse. So for the time being, until he has a forever person we have decided to hold off on making any decisions.

Lottie was born without the radius bones in both of her front paws. She hasn’t let that hold her back though, over the last three months we have watched her continue to push herself and achieve incredible milestones. she can run, climb and kind of jump & she’s not afraid to keep trying new heights. She has a modified litter box to help her with her balance while going potty but otherwise she needs no other special care for now. As she ages, there is every chance she will develop back pain and arthritis but that can all be managed with regular vet exams.

Lettie, the third member of the amazing trio wasn’t born with defects, which makes her the SPECIAL one. She has always been the shier of the group but has always been a protector of her brother and sister and she relies on them as much as they rely on her.

Typically kittens at this age in a communal living environment tend to make friends with other cats and drift apart but their bond is remarkable, that’s why we are searching for a home together for all of them.

To be successful you must be financially stable and emotionally prepared to make tough decisions in the future, should Lincoln’s quality of life deteriorate or if you choose to have the surgery.

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AGE: 6mo