Catsbury Park was once just a dream that our Founder DJ had back in 2016 and since that day, Catsbury Park has grown and accomplished more than any of us could have ever imagined. Hundreds and hundreds of adoptions, 3 cat conventions, a podcast, NJ’s first cat cafe, and thousands of lives changed forever, feline and human. 

In 2020 when the world stopped, so did the cafe & adoption lounge. Closing our doors for what we hoped would be a brief time soon became the better part of a year. Eight months later, it became evident that we would not be able to open safely anytime soon. We then made the difficult but responsible decision to close the door to our little cat cafe on Cookman Avenue for good in early 2021.

Putting all of our efforts into TNR & building a foster program throughout 2021 meant that we could save over 160 neonatal kittens, place them in foster and find them homes. Not to mention, TNR over 300 cats in our community. 

Even though we were making the best of the situation, not having a central and physical location undoubtedly impeded our work. Throughout the latter months of 2021, we kept our eyes and ears peeled about a potential new home for the future Catsbury Park.


That brings us to where we are now. January 2022, sitting in our newly acquired location. No longer in the heart of Downtown Asbury, but just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle. 


This new location boasts two rooms, the first, dubbed our “rescue room.” This space will become the home base for our continued rescue work through TNR and fostering. The second is our fun and inviting “Adoption Centre,” a free-roaming cat’s paradise, similar to the lounge at our previous location. A space that is fun and engaging for cats and humans alike! 

Our brand new Adoption Centre will host events like Cat Yoga, bingo & trivia, and other craft-themed activities. But will also be open to the public just like we were at the cafe for people to donate a small fee per person to come and chill with our feline friends. 

While the main focus of this space is as an adoption center to help our resident cats find homes, we also encourage those who can not adopt to come and spend time with our cats. There really is such a thing as CAT THERAPY, cats cure-all (or try to at least).

While Covid 19 is still prevalent in our community, we will be operating with safe and considerate protocols to keep our staff, volunteers, and guests protected from the virus. For any questions regarding our policies, please contact info@catsburypark.com

Keep checking back here for more information about opening hours, coming events & prices. 

Welcome to Catsbury Park, reimagined.