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We reccommend that when fostering, your personal pets should be kept seperate from any animal you are fostering from us. Especially for 14 days for an initial quarantine period. This is to prevent any communicable diseases passing through to your pets. Catsbury Park does not take responsibility of any health issues arrising for personal pets not kept seperate from fosters.
What age group or special needs are you most comfortable in fostering
Do you have reliable transport
If yes, are you comfortable with transporting your foster to and from vet appointments in Asbury Park (this can be as frequent as every two weeks)
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Catsbury Park remain the sole guardians of all foster cats until adoption. No medical treatments or vet visists are to be made without expressed consent of Catsbury Management. Catsbury Park reserve the right to revoke you as a foster parent at any given time, if such occurs you are required to surrender the cat back to us within 24hrs. If you seek out medical attention without the knowledge of Catsbury Park Management, Catsbury Park will not be held liaible for those costs. In cases of medical emergencies you are to follow the instructions provided to you at intake. Catsbury Park reserves the final decisions with ALL adoptions. You are more than welcome to recommend friends & family to us as suitable adopters but we will always have the final say. You are never to promise your foster to anyone without having them be approved by us first. Catsbury Park will supply everything needed to care for the kitten/cat in foster. However you are more than welcome to buy additional toys, blankets etc Sometimes we ask that you also purchase the food yourselves and the request reimbursment via paypal or venmo. Other arrangments can also be made when needed. BY AGREEING TO FOSTER FOR CATSBURY PARK, I AGREE THAT ALL INFORMATION SUPPLIED HERE IS TRUTHFUL AND CURRENT AND THAT I WILL ABIDE BY THESE GUIDELINES